Some years ago, I wrote a small Win32 program in x86 assembly as I wanted it to be fast and very compact (but actually, more as a personal challenge than anything else). Explaining what this program does would take some time and is irrelevant to what I want to tell, so I will skip this part, but I may publish a new version along with the source code to it in the near future so I may have another opportunity to talk about it.

Anyway, I didn’t use this program for years but it was still used by a good number of people, and I never heard any mention of a bug. I also remember that it was tested with different input files when I was developing it. However, I found myself needing it again recently and found out was crashing on a input file somebody else created. Initially, I thought the input file was malformed or corrupted so I used a command-line C version of the same program I wrote and found out it was working as expected, so the file was not at cause.