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A new kind of search

About one year ago was released Cuil, the self-proclaimed Google-killer. Although Cuil's search quality has significantly improved since the grand (and failed) opening, the site could only grab a negligible share of the overall search market and does not currently propose a compelling enough service to grab more. People are still waiting for the real Google-killer to come... So this is no surprise to have a huge buzz around WolframAlpha, the new "search engine" sponsored by Stephen Wolfram, the world-class scientist behind Mathematica. But…

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Are we still controlling the web?

Everything began a few years ago, when Al Gore (or somebody else) created the web. Internet was meant to link people together and to bring accurate information to everybody. At that time, websites were updated manually, once a day, a week, a month, sometimes less. Only the webmaster, the all-powerful website god, could perform this operation and change the information flow. At that time, we controlled the web.

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Three ways to make Live Search different

Folks in the Live Search team do not have an easy task. Their main competitor is strong, has a very efficient product, and has a much better (who said cooler?) image. Even worse, by being the almost-monopolistic leader of the internet search market (at least in Europe), it can shape the taste and expectations of almost all users. Therefore, an obvious solution for other engines would be to copy Google. They have this super killer feature that brings users to their website? Let’s copy it! Their interface is all white with just a text box in the middle? Let’s have the same! Many people, including many Microsoft employees, think that a successful Google competitor must have a similar look and similar features, and that the only differentiation criterion will be result quality.

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Did the Google-killer kill itself?

In terms of marketing, only three words are in the mouth of specialists: buzz, buzz, buzz! It seems almost impossible to make a good promotional campaign without some viral marketing and blogging accomplices. Therefore, when the insiders of Silicon Valley began to write about a serious Google competitor, we knew that something was going to happen. And indeed, something happened.

Yesterday has been unveiled Cuil (note the phonetic similarity with Knol, the so-called Wikipedia-killer), a new search engine that states having indexed more than 120 billion pages, more than the king Google itself. The news spread on technology websites, but also on some more traditional ones. And the founders have some really impressive credentials: 4 ex-Googlers, each of them being known for having built his own search technology, nothing less!

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