If there is one thing we can say safely, it is that the french president, Nicolas Sarkozy make tongues wag, and not only in his own country, which is why I am allowing myself to comment this news concerning France, but also technology and how it is seen by the french government in particular.

Xavier Niel, one of the most prominent figures of the french Internet Service Provider "Free", declared this week that Free wasn't intending to apply the Hadopi law, at least as it is. Hadopi is a law still in project supposed to prevent piracy on the Internet and Peer-to-Peer downloading of movies and artists. It wouldn't be the first time such a law would be put in place and fail: other countries tried this and lamentably failed. The biggest weapon to stop piracy in this law is what they call "graduated riposte": the supposed copyright-infringing downloader receives one e-mail everytime he gets caught using his Internet connection to download illegal files, and if he fails to comply, ultimately gets his connection line cut, which he can not renew at another ISP for 3 months.