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The second browsers war

FFChrome Some days ago, a BetaNews article caught my attention with its sensational title “Can Mozilla escape a premature endgame for Firefox?”, which hypothesizes that the popular web browser can’t last long, especially since Google’s arrival on the market with Chrome. It is true that the browser’s market has been rather busy in the last months, especially in the Windows area with the arrival of two challengers, Google Chrome and Apple Safari, in an area which was thought to be locked down by both Microsoft with IE, and Mozilla with Firefox. It is funny to remember that roughly 10 years ago, the first browser war was raging between Microsoft and Netscape for the domination of the Windows browsers market and the winner remained unchallenged for a bit less than a decade. Let’s see how things are changing with the appearance of outsiders and what it means for each of the warriors in the arena.

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The little user-interface oddities of Mozilla applications

For roughly one week, I have switched from IE7 to Firefox… the reason is mainly for extensions and because as a geek, it makes sense to get a geeky and over-customizable browser, but that’s not the point… so I’m still tweaking a bit my profile and adjusting things to make the browser suit my tastes and preferences.

One thing that I don’t like in software is when it keeps asking you to answer the same question every time you do something and you always click the same button. The world would be a much better place if every message box had a tick box with the “Don’t ask me again” option, which is happily the case in Firefox.

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