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Updates on Romhack.Net

Almost three months after its launch, Romhack.Net is still evolving (and will hopefully keep evolving in the future). We have just finished an important round of updates, in order to improve the internals and refresh the layout. Your alternative IT magazine is now using the latest version of the excellent blogging platform Dotclear, and has a new set of features (including social bookmarking and smooth display of external links).

Moreover, we will try in the future to have regular updates at fixed dates, twice a week. One of these updates will happen at mid-week, while the other one will happen during the week-end. But one thing will not change: our commitment to give you the best analyses on selected topics of the information world. Stay tuned!

Welcome to Romhack.Net

The birth of a blog is not an easy move. First, you have to choose a blog host, and if you opt for a self-hosted blog, you have to install it. Then, you have to configure the blog and adapt the theme. And last but not least, you have to write the opening post, keeping in mind that you may get bored and forget about your blog eventually.

Yet, here is Romhack.Net. Why this blog? Because after almost ten years of sharing technology ideas and points of view privately over IRC and Skype, we felt that it would be interesting to share these to the world, and to get some reactions. Why this name? Well, this will be the topic of another post... maybe....

We are looking forward to reading your comments, the discussion promises to be very interesting!